Saturday, November 26, 2016


"Hello. This is Nam Tae Hyun.
I'm sorry to have such disappointing news
for everyone who's loved me.
There were a lot of things that happened
within this time, which could be defined as short or long.
I was very happy to have received such great love 
as Nam Tae Hyun of WINNER.
We came to this decision after a long meeting,
but I haven't changed my mind about doing good music.
I'll return with good music and projects.
Stay healthy in this cold weather.
I sincerely thank everyone who's supported me.
Posted by Nam Tae Hyun."

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1. [+4283, -516]
Do you know how much Nam Taehyun suffered the whole time? He went through a survival, just to realize his dream of debuting.. He's always taking care of the composition to satisfy the fans even during the vacuum period he was still working hard.. I wish Nam Taehyun and Winner to succeed each in their ways. I will support you

2. [+3220, -320]
If you listen to his Soundcloud, you'll realize how good of a composer he is... It wouldn't be bad if he goes on the path of a producer either

4. [+2750, -283]
That's right... During the hard time, you've put out your sweat, but from now on, you'll make great music~

5. [+2439, -234]
Even though he's not Winner's Nam Taehyun anymore, I will still support you!

6. [+2231, -213]
Fighting to the rest of them too! I really like them so it's a bit of a shame, their music was so good

7. [+569, -41]
It's just a shame for Winner in general.. They've been in a vacuum for 900 days and promoted 90 days... Such a shame Winner's songs are all good

8. [+419, -43]
I'm another group's fan, but from the perspective of people who have been following ever since TeamA, it's a shame... They were all so unique it's a shame

9. [+402, -58]
Thank you.... Seriously writing a post like that makes me realize that it's really the end.. Because of Nam Taehyun I started liking the rest of the members too, from now on, I will still support the members from now on but seeing the empty seat will be so sad... As a Nam Taehyun fan, I will be waiting for Nam Taehyun and looking forward what type of music he'll come up with next.


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