Wednesday, November 23, 2016


(t/n: we're not really acquainted with the music notes and letters so we didn't really know what they meant, but basically they switched one "key" but it's basically the same melody)

It's from a Chinese boy group called "SWIN-S" and the song is called "For you"
They came up with the song on the 18th and it sounds very similar to Zico's song
Zico's song:

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1. Wow I just listened to it and it's seriously similar??

2. I thought that Zico was the one who plagiarized... I got shocked for a second
 > The title was so misleadingㅠㅠ
 > Must be some kid who just wanted to create a controversy

3. You wrote your title as if Zico was the one who plagiarized though

4. They could've skillfully and subtly  changed the melody, but they didn't

5. ????? It's exactly the same... from "Girl~" that part, they gave it out

6. Since there are lots of songs with similar cords, they all end up sounding the same, I don't think this is worth calling plagiarism

7. It's similar, but after listening to it, I wouldn't call it plagiarism

8. Straight when they said "Girl~" I thought I was actually listening to "You are me I am you" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

9. Even though they changed the cords, this is 100% copied... I can literally sing Zico's song over their song

10. What the hell from the title, I thought Zico plagiarized


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